This is ShutterBug

A Bluetooth LE camera remote to wirelessly control
your camera from a mobile device.

Check Out ShutterBug Remote’s Unique Features

Its clean design has no buttons, no display, and no switches. Simply plug the remote into your camera and connect to it with your Bluetooth LE enabled device.


Wirelessly Control Your Camera

The ShutterBug Camera Remote allows you to operate your camera directly from your mobile device. It’s great for taking portraits, inconspicuously photographing wildlife, or freeing up your hands to hold that extra reflector. Take control of your camera, without being anywhere near.

FREE Apps for iOS and Android

The app allows you to connect to one or many ShutterBug Remotes to control your camera, monitor activity, and check-signal strength. Apps are available for download for free in the Apple App Store, or on Google Play.

Bluetooth LE Compatible

The remote is currently supported by any Apple device with Bluetooth LE hardware. This includes the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th Generation, the latest iPad, and the iPad mini. In addition, the ShutterBug Remote will work on any Android device with Bluetooth LE running Android OS version 4.3 or higher.

Works When You’re Away

Once running, the Shutterbug will continue to run on its own. Thanks to the Shutterbug’s internal processor and timekeeping, long exposures and time lapse-sequences will complete even if your phone is disconnected or turned off. At any time, you can simply reconnect to check the status of your Shutterbug.

Keep Your Flash

There is no need to sacrifice flash capabilities for a wireless remote. The ShutterBug Remote doesn’t occupy your hot shoe making it the ideal companion for studio work. Just plug it in and secure to your tripod, camera strap, or camera body.

Always On Hand

The ShutterBug Remote only turns on when a shutter release cable is plugged into it. Its light weight, small size, and key ring form-factor make it the ideal accessory to have with you all the time. Strap it to anything from a tripod, to your camera strap, or your camera body. When you need it, just plug it in.

The ShutterBug Remote App is FREE, Download it now

Control your camera, monitor activity, check signal strength & more…

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