Shutterbug Frequently Asked Questions - ShutterBug Remote - A Bluetooth LE camera remote to wirelessly control your camera from a mobile device

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How do I purchase a ShutterBug Remote?
ShutterBug Remotes are available for purchase now through our online store and select retailers. If we are out of stock, you can still back-order.

Is the ShutterBug Remote compatible with my camera?
The ShutterBug has been tested with numerous professional and prosumer digital SLRs, including many of the more popular models from Nikon and Canon. Since the shutter release protocol is standardized, we are confident that if a release cable exists for your camera, the ShutterBug Remote will be compatible. If you purchase a ShutterBug Remote and find that it doesn’t do exactly what you need, return it no questions asked.

Does the ShutterBug Remote come with a shutter release cable?
Yes it does – just let us know your camera make and model at checkout.  However, since there are so many different camera connectors and cable styles, we only carry the most popular, compatible with the cameras listed below.  If you need a different cable, we can help you source one through, B&H Photo Video, or Adorama.

Will the ShutterBug Remote work with my phone / tablet?
The iPhone 4s was the first smartphone to incorporate Bluetooth LE technology, and nearly every Apple product since has included it. This means the iPhone 5, the new iPads, the iPod Touch, and the iPad Mini. The ShutterBug App is available on the app store for all of these devices, and we welcome you to download and get a feel for how it works.

Since Google’s release of Android Jelly Bean 4.3, we’ve been developing and testing our Android version of the app. It is now available on the Google Play Store and will work immediately with the Google Nexus family of devices. Please download and try out the app before purchasing a ShutterBug. Other phones and tablets will be supported as manufacturers adopt their hardware to version 4.3 of the OS. We are also planning to roll out desktop and laptop applications later this year.

What are the technical specifications of ShutterBug Remote?
Size: 1.4”s x 2.75” x 0.7” inches
Weight: 0.77 oz, 22 g with battery installed
Power source: CR2032 coin cell battery (included)
Connectivity: 2.5mm shutter release port / Bluetooth LE

Is ShutterBug Remote compatible with my camera?
If your camera has a shutter release port, we are confident ShutterBug Remote is compatible with it. Below is a list of known working cameras and cable combinations. Even if you do not see your camera listed, ShutterBug Remote will most likely still work with the appropriate cable. If you have confirmed your camera works with the remote  let us know and we will add it to the list.

Cables & Compatibility


DC0 Cable is compatible with:

FujiFilm S3 Pro
FujiFilm S5 Pro
Kodak DCS Pro 14n
Nikon D1
Nikon D1H
Nikon D1X
Nikon D2
Nikon D200
Nikon D2H
Nikon D2HS
Nikon D2X
Nikon D2XS
Nikon D3
Nikon D300
Nikon D300S
Nikon D3s
Nikon D3X
Nikon D4
Nikon D700
Nikon D800

DC2 cable is compatible with:

Nikon D3100
Nikon D3200
Nikon D5000
Nikon D5100
Nikon D5200
Nikon D600
Nikon D7000
Nikon D7100
Nikon D90

N3 Cable is compatible with:

Canon EOS 10D
Canon EOS 1D
Canon EOS 1D C
Canon EOS 1D mk II
Canon EOS 1D mk II N
Canon EOS 1D mk III
Canon EOS 1D mk IV
Canon EOS 1D X
Canon EOS 1Ds
Canon EOS 1Ds mk2
Canon EOS 1Ds mk3
Canon EOS 20D
Canon EOS 20Da
Canon EOS 30D
Canon EOS 40D
Canon EOS 50D
Canon EOS 5D
Canon EOS 5D mk II
Canon EOS 5D mk III
Canon EOS 6D
Canon EOS 7D
Canon EOS D30
Canon EOS D60
Kodak DSC-530

TC-S1 Cable is compatible with:

Sony Alpha 37

E3 Cable is compatible with:

Canon Digital Rebel
Canon EOS 1000D
Canon EOS 100D
Canon EOS 1100D
Canon EOS 300D
Canon EOS 350D
Canon EOS 400D
Canon EOS 450D
Canon EOS 500D
Canon EOS 550D
Canon EOS 600D
Canon EOS 60D
Canon EOS 60Da
Canon EOS 650D
Canon EOS 700D
Canon EOS 70D
Canon Kiss Digital
Canon Kiss F Digital
Canon Kiss N
Canon Kiss X2
Canon Kiss X3
Canon Kiss X4
Canon Kiss X5
Canon Kiss X50
Canon Kiss X6
Canon PowerShot G1 X
Canon PowerShot G10
Canon PowerShot G11
Canon PowerShot G12
Canon PowerShot G15
Canon PowerShot SX50 HS
Canon Rebel SL1
Canon Rebel T1i
Canon Rebel T2i
Canon Rebel T3
Canon Rebel T3i
Canon Rebel T4i
Canon Rebel T5i
Canon Rebel XS
Canon Rebel XSi
Canon Rebel XT
Canon Rebel XTi
Contax 645
Contax N
Contax N Digital
Contax N1
Contax NX
FujiFilm X-E1
Hasselblad H
Hasselblad H3D
Hasselblad H4D-200MS
Hasselblad H4D-31
Hasselblad H4D-40
Hasselblad H4D-50
Hasselblad H4D-50MS
Hasselblad H4D-60
Pentax 645D
Pentax ist D
Pentax ist DL
Pentax ist DL2
Pentax ist DS
Pentax ist DS2
Pentax K-30
Pentax K-5
Pentax K-5 II
Pentax K-5 IIs
Pentax K-50
Pentax K-500
Pentax K-7
Pentax K-m
Pentax K10 Grand Prix
Pentax K100D
Pentax K100D Super
Pentax K10D
Pentax K110D
Pentax K200D
Pentax K20D
Pentax MZ-6
Pentax MZ-L
Pentax ZX-L
Samsung GX-1L
Samsung GX-1S
Samsung GX-20
Samsung NX-10
Samsung NX-100
Samsung NX-11
Samsung NX-5
Sigma SD1
Sigma SD1 Merrill
Sigma SD15


  • Ron Lute says:

    I received a Shutterbug Remote for Christmas but did not get a cable with it. I have a Canon 5D MK III. Is there a cable that I already have that will work. I have both wired and wireless remotes. Will one of these work with the Shutterbug Remote?


  • Jonathon Sheffield says:

    Hi folks,

    Just wondering about compatability with Panasonic cameras. Specifically the GH-2. I don’t see it listed above, nor any Olympus cameras.

    I think this is an awesome product and I’d like to pick one up as soon as I know which cable to get too.


  • Nika says:

    What’s the range? How far away from the camera can I be? Thx

  • Jay says:

    Any one get this to work with a Sony Alpha 37?

    • Ryan says:

      Jay, I just looked into this for you and added it / updated our camera list. It’s ever evolving, but we are able to confirm there is a cable and the remote does work with the Sony Alpha 37. You will need a TC-S1 connector, we do not carry this right now. Thanks!

  • Stephen says:

    Does this have the ability to work with a Canon S95? I don’t see it listed.

    • Ryan says:

      Hey Stephen, it looks like there is no compatible cable for the S95 because the camera does not appear to have a shutter port. Sorry!

  • I have Sony Cybershot DSC-R1 camera.
    The acc. Port is not a contact type switch, but a serial input type.
    Can you come up with or find correct cable to use with my camera and Shutterbug remote?
    May need adapter, between camera Port and shutterbug remote, and correct cable.
    I have no idea why Sony went with the serial type input on this camera.
    I did find a remote that works correctly, but very large and short range.
    Thank you for any help with getting shutterbug remote to work with my camera.

    • Ryan says:

      Dennis, unfortunately the Sony Cybershot DSC-R1 is not compatible with our ShutterBug Camera Remote. It does not have a shutter port.

  • Stephen Hilton says:

    Hi, Ryan –

    Initially my ShutterBug worked OK. However, after many months of non use and carrying it around in my bag I find the unit non-responsive. The iPhone does not find any Shutterbug. I’ve checked the battery and have even replaced it, but still nothing. Isn’t there an LED on the board? Mine never lights up or blinks.

    Is there a place to have the unit fixed or replaced?


    Steve Hilton

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